Washed By The Water



I am a bubbly, outgoing, go getter, a people lover, and a girl full of hope for not just myself but for all people! I found and started following Jesus a little over a year ago and my life has completely changed. Finding Jesus has given me confidence in who I am, and a strong solid foundation. Knowing no matter what life has and will throw at me I know I can turn to Jesus with full confidence and put my worries, struggles, and success in his hands. Today I stand with full confidence in my faith and want to share that with all who love me. God has been so faithful to me and I cannot wait to see what my walk with Jesus will look like!

Baptized 08.05.18


img_6132       Accepting Jesus





Washed By The Water










Being Baptized by three amazing women, who have been the worlds greatest mentors during this journey! They have taught me, have guided me, and will continue to walk along side of me!






God has put these amazing women in my life for a reason. I cannot wait to see where my journey following Jesus will take me! I am so excited to grow as a person, and step into the calling God has planned for me!


Support of family!


This might not be an easy journey, but it will end up being the best! I now have a rock solid foundation under me!



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