Season of Friendships


Hello Friends!

Friendships are such a blessing in life, but they can also be a very challenging thing in life as well. In life you end up having three different types of friends, you have friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. I feel like having a best friend that sticks by you through thick and thin is such a great blessing. You may have fights, and falling outs for a short period. But you also get to walk through some amazing times together as well. You get to share your life together. Connecting with someone at a young age at like let’s say 7 and are still friends 15 years later is amazing. (Yes Nicole, I am talking about you!)


In my life I feel like I have a lot of seasonal friends. What exactly does that mean you ask? Well, let me explain. We walk through many seasons in life as time goes on. And when we are in those specific seasons we can tend to connect with people more because they are probably in that season of life as well. But after that season is over you realize maybe you didn’t have as much in common as you thought. That person or even group of people were only put in your life to walk beside you during that season. And that is okay!


Over the last few years I have had to teach myself that it is okay to have seasonal friends. (still working on this) I have had to reevaluate my expectations I suppose you could say about certain people. I have had to cut out the negative thoughts I was telling myself once those seasons were overcome. This has been my biggest challenge yet! Because I would tell myself, oh they don’t like me, I did something to make them mad, maybe I am just not what they expected, or I am not good enough to be part of their forever friends circle. I worry a lot, and I have had to overcome that! I have had to listen, evaluate, and be okay with them only being in my life for a short amount of time. I still struggle with this everyday. But I pray and have hope I will one day overcome this and start being more accepting of it.


You CANNOT be negative when you do have a seasonal friendship ( I know, easier said then done) because if that friendship comes to a silence the main reason might be because you have helped them, you have guided them, and have healed them through that season of life. God puts these people in our life for a reason! It could also be that they have helped heal you in that season but you don’t fully know it yet. Or It may have ended up directing you into the arms of the people who are going to be there to help you through so many more seasons of life!  Also I have to tell myself that I cannot help everyone! All I can do it help guide them but they have to take that guidance and apply it to their situation.


One of my many season I face is deployment seasons. This is a time where I will have so many people to connect with when our loved ones are deployed. But when they come home from deployment we each get silent, but these are the friends that will come back every deployment season I have because that’s what our foundation is set on. We know exactly what each other are going through and we know that we need each other the most during this season because not everyone understands. These maybe a season of friends but they are also lifetime friends as well.


Now I talk about people walking through your rough seasons but there will come times where you find those friendships where they are there to walk some of the happiest times in your life. And they could be around for more than just one season. I have found friends who have walked an amazing season with me and they are still by my side now because that happy season is now building such a bigger and stronger foundation for our friendship! That’s when those seasonal friendships will turn into long term friendships.


I may have a ton of seasonal friends but I have some of the worlds greatest lifetime group of friends too. I may lose sight of them everyone once in awhile when I walk through some seasons, but at the end of the day I know if I need them they will be at my door in seconds!


Do you have a lot of seasonal friends? Do you feel like you have a good community of friends? Always remember, God places people in our lives for a reason! Just keep praying!


Much Love, Manda

1 thought on “Season of Friendships”

  1. Hey girl Im just catching up with your blog. This is wonderful and I admire that you are doing this and trying to help whoever may read this and need it. I love the part of seasonal friends. I have many of the same seasonal friends as you with being a military spouse. It took me a long time to get use to the deployment and the PCS seasonal friendship. However what I did learn is that while they are seasonal they are some of the strongest bonds I have built with friends. I know that if I ever needed help or someone to talk that a phone call or a message to any one of them and they would be there in a second. We may not talk often but we can pick up like we never left. Its a wonderful and hard thing but it has strengthened me more than I ever thought it could. I look forward to reading more from you! Hugs


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